Eugene Peterson lectures at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Wash., in May 2009. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Today, Eugene Peterson retracted his support of gay marriage. This blog is not meant to be “all hot-button issues, all the time”. But, in light of the news, here’s what I put on my Facebook Status today:

“Thank the Lord for EP’s retraction. So sorry for the need for it. Reminds me of World Vision’s mis-step and change-back a few years ago. Caused damage to the witness of the church, left some people confused & others solidified in their suspicions (and engendered cynicism).
Couple of thoughts:
1. Those who wrote uncharitable things or in an uncharitable manner about this brother should also retract them. (don’t you think?)
2. Yet another reminder to think clearly before you speak so that you don’t need retractions.
3. You can’t put Humpty together again. This will affect how folks read EP. And it should.
4. The dynamics surrounding this one issue will continue to trip people up if they don’t think clearly. If you do think clearly and are out of step with culture, get ready for a pile-on.
5. We all need to go get some ice cream.”

[Of course, everything is better with Ice Cream]

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Seriously, go get some ice cream.