Before he died, Robin Wooten took the time to write what he wanted to say to friends and family after he was gone. He asked if I would read them at his memorial service. It was my privilege to do so yesterday.

He was diagnosed with ALS last summer. As he says in his letter, at that moment he truly began to live. For this past year, Robin & Elizabeth lived, really lived. They laughed, loved, forgave and prayed. They spent time with family and friends. And they adopted Henry the Golden Retriever!!

And in this God met them, carried them, and has brought life and hope to thousands.

Many have asked for a copy of his words. One friend of his said, “I want to put that letter in my night stand, and read it often to remind me what life is really about.” True that. Click the following to download them. Robin Wooten Letter

On a personal level, it has been an absolute privilege to walk with Robin and Elizabeth. We live just about 10 houses away from each other, and I’d pop over a good deal. My sons did some yard work here and there. We’d see Rockin Robin go by on his scooter (Elizabeth hoofing it to keep up), and later in his wheelchair (I think that thing was stick-shift!). As elders from Grace, we spent a moving evening together just last month. Neighbors, friends, fellow pilgrims on this journey.

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” (Ps 116:15). These days are so precious to God – we are all so real about what’s important, so tender about life and loss, so willing to pitch in and help in any way we can, so quick to call out to him for help. No wonder these days are precious to our God and Father… it seems we are truly being the body of Christ!

Click here to see his service. Hit the “Archive tab” and play the service.  (I read the letter beginning at about 43:30.)