It is a joy to introduce you to Amy Gannett.  Amy and her husband Austin moved to Kinston to be part of Grace Fellowship’s Church Planting Ministry. Austin is on staff at Grace developing the CP program, and learning the ins-and-outs of pastoring as they prepare to plant a church.

Amy has two jobs right now: Marketing Director for locally-owned Mother Earth Brewing Company, and Founder/Director of Take Root Ministries, a ministry to help every member of the household of faith deepen their faith! She’s hosted several day-long conferences in Colorado on how to “take root” in Scripture for yourself. (They moved to Kinston from Fort Collins.)

Amy has produced an Advent Devotional Study called Grafted In. It looks at the family tree of Christ. I’ve looked through it, and am thrilled to see such quality insights/questions ready to lead YOU deeper into Christ.  It’s primarily written for women.  (But the man who takes this journey will be blessed.)

I asked her a few questions yesterday:

JASON:  Amy, you have a heart to help women study Scripture well. Where does that come from?

AMY:  The Scriptures are at the heart of the Christian life. They are the source of our understanding of God, His character, and His activity in the world. The Scriptures also teach us about ourselves–who God created us to be and how He would have us, as Christians, live in this world. Because of this, there is no more vital resource for God’s people than God’s Word! I am deeply grateful that I was able to attend Bible school and seminary. As a learner at heart, both experiences shaped and equipped me to be a student of the Word, taught me how to explore topics that I didn’t understand, and how to break down complex passages in ways that helped me understand them. This kind of rich, exegetical Bible study has been a game-changer for me, and helped me root my whole life on the Word of God – and that is a skill set I want to share with others. 

How have you seen God open doors for this ministry?

If there is one lesson I have learned through starting Take Root Ministries it is this: our gifts don’t open doors for us – God does. God has been so gracious in providing opportunities for me to share my heartbeat for teaching women to study and teach the Bible. And the response from women has been overwhelming! Women’s ministries all over the country have been asking how they can equip their women with biblical literacy, and I’m deeply grateful for each and every church that has invited me to be a part of that process. 

In the Christmas story, it’s hard to miss the fact that women are center stage—Mary, Elizabeth, even Anna. Mary’s song (Luke 1:46-55) is rich with biblical imagery. As you wrote Grafted In how do you hope God will meet someone as they go through it?

It’s easy for us as modern readers to forget that women were considered second-class citizens at the time the genealogy of Christ was written. They were often considered so inconsequential, in fact, that they were very rarely included in family records. But, in the family line of Christ we read the names of four women. Four! And though their stories are very different we read throughout their lives the resounding narrative of God’s constant intentionality to bring outsiders into His family. 

We, as Gentiles, were once outside the family of God, too (something that is particularly easy to forget during the Christmas season). But in Christ, as Paul says in Romans 11, we have been “grafted in” to God’s family tree. It is my hope that this Advent season we are reminded that our God sought us out and made us His children. Not because of anything we have done but by His lavish grace. 

Thanks Amy. I know that folks who read this blog are interested in growing in just the ways you have noted. I hope many people take the Grafted In journey!


If you want to order Grafted In, click here.

For more information on Amy’s ministry, visit  You can read her blogs and articles, as well as shop or book her to speak.

It’s amazing to see God build his kingdom through folks like Austin & Amy… and YOU and me!