Someone once said, “knowing the Word of God is knowing the mind of God.” That’s good.

In life, it seems that we always want to know what people are thinking: our close family, friends, co-workers, customers. Our favorite coaches or athletes. All these political candidates & public figures.

God too. People want to know what he’s thinking. They search high and low to try. Knowing the Word of God is knowing the mind of God. By reading, studying or mulling over the Bible, we can see God thoughts, his will, his purposes and his heart.

That’s the aim of this blog: Bring God’s mind on things to a thoughtful community of Christ-followers; Ask questions that push against the status quo; Encourage change in our lives, to align ourselves more with his character, purposes and ways; Bring truth with authenticity to a world that is starving for both; and Highlight Christ–the Truth and Grace of God.

The title Your Very Life comes from a line in the final speech of Moses. For 40 years, God met with Moses again and again, and spoken His Word through him to guide and guard His people (think, for example, of the Ten Commandments). Moses says, “these are no empty words, they are your very life” (Dt 32:47). That’s exactly right: God’s Words to us are not empty words, but they are life itself! 1189 chapters of life itself.

On a personal note, I serve as pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Kinston, NC. This is one of God’s great churches in one of God’s great communities.  It’s a blast.  If you are nearby one Sunday, come and visit; you’ll see Grace and you’ll see Fellowship, and you’ll glimpse the Church.  And we’ll become fast friends.

I love my wife and sons. I’m Canadian by birth, American by calling, Duke fan by quirk of fate, and a runner because I like cheesecake.